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Whistleblowing Platform

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Whistleblowing Platfom Services

European Union Parliament and the Council of European Union on 23 October 2019 adopted Directive 2019/1937 on the protection of persons who report breaches of European Union  law also known as the Whistleblower Directive.

Abiding to the directive, in all countries in the European Union companies or organizations with more than 50 employees, as well as almost all government organizations are legally required to establish a whistleblowing system. Such system allows employees, agents, partners and vendors to submit reports of law violations and other serious matters inside the company.

What is a Whistleblowing System
A whistleblowing system is a system through which employees in a company or organization can safely report issues, inadequacies and violations that have occurred or that may be underway. Employees can report incidents in a confidential and anonymous way. The reporting takes place through a secure channel to protect their information and identity.
The system usually is an online solution, either a website or an anonymous mailbox that it is separated from the company's other communication channels. In this way, the anonymity and confidentiality of the employee's information are ensured.
All European countries are obliged to have legislation requiring certain company categories to have a whistleblowing system. In Greece the whistleblower law is law 4990 of November 11th, 2022, in Cyprus the whistleblower law is law 6(1) of February 4th, 2022. Each EU member state has voted its local law in compliance with EU Directive 2019/19378.

Why is a Whistleblowing System Important to your Organization
First off, it is a legal requirement.
Every company with a minimum of 50 employees, and all government organizations within the EU, are obliged by their national laws to establish a whistleblowing system. Companies that provide financial services, companies at risk of money laundering, companies that present an environmental hazard or companies that operate under environmental license are required to establish a whistleblowing system, regardless of size.
Build a culture of trust.
When a company implements a whistleblowing system that is optimally focused on end-user experience and security, she does not only achieve compliance with the new regulations, but also develops a culture of trust in the organization.
Strengthen Social Corporate Responsibility (SCR) footprint.
Implementing a whistleblowing system, it is a core part of  Social Corporate Responsibility strategy. It is a positive sign of transparency to potential employees, existing employees’ growth and the community as a whole.

CubeIQ Whistleblowing Platform

  • CubeIQ Whistleblowing Platform, based on Whistleblower Software, is specially developed for the purpose of meeting the legal requirements in relation to companies' whistleblower legislation in each EU Member State.
  • Special focus has been given to ease of use, end-user experience and security, while on the same time CubeIQ Whistleblowing Platform achieves compliance with the new regulations and local legislations.
  • CubeIQ Whistleblowing Platform uses end-to-end encryption, secure servers, and multi-factor authorizations to ensure your company's data are protected at all times, against all threats. Security by design and privacy ate at the center of all we do.
  • CubeIQ Whistleblowing Platform leads the industry when it comes to end-user experience and implementation in relation to Corporate Social Responsibility. Moreover, the platform can be tailored to your requirements, including branding, language selection, information required to file a report, and much more.

Whistleblower Regulation Transparency.
Reporter Confidentiality and Anonymity.
Confidential and Anonymous reporting supported.
Privacy by Design Development.
GDPR Compliant.
Maximum IT Security Implemented.
Unlimited Reporters (users), Cases, Departments and Storage.
Case management, overview and automatic delegation to the designated case manager.
Advanced MIS reporting and statistics.
Multi-language support, 70+ Languages Supported.
Full audit trail for case management and managers.
Support multiple reporting channels.
Reporting by data entry, voice recording and file upload.
Support for both internal and external reporting.
Email and SMS notifications.
Secure communication through the digital postbox.
Easy to use for the reporter – No training required.
The reporter can see all people receiving the report.
Configurable policies and display of information.

Security Features
Development with Privacy by Design.
End-to-end encryption (E2EE).
Additional Database encryption.
SSL/TLS protected communication channels.
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) option for Access Control.
Single Sign On (SSO) & OAuth supported.
SAML 2.0 Authentication.
Case or cases category/level access (specific category of cases can be reviewed by specific group or group such as money laundering or fraud cases).
Schrems II ruling compliant.
Data storage on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Servers with ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27017 and SOC 1, SOC 2 & SOC 3 certified.
Audited ISAE3000 report on information security and data protection measures.
Data processor to data controller agreement.
Audited GDPR Compliance.
Frequent penetration tests.

CubeIQ Whistleblowing Platform Covers Regulatory and Privacy Requirements of:
EU Whistleblower Protection Directive 2019/19378
GDPR, Schrems II and Global Data Privacy Laws
US SOX Act Section 301 on Corporate Responsibility
German Corporate Governance Code
French Loi Sapin II
International Data Residency Requirements
Greek & Cypriot GDPR and Whistleblower Protection Laws

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