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WatchList Reporter™

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WatchList Reporter™

WatchList Reporter™ from FIS™ is the most recent software application for Customer Names Sanction Screening and Names Filtering against International and National Sanction and WatchList and special purpose list such as PEP, FEP and others.

WatchList Reporter™ is comprehensive sanction screening solution with hosted or on-site deployment options available. It is part of the AML Compliance Manager™ Suite and can operate independently or integrated with the other AML Compliance Manager™ modules.

WatchList Reporter™ provides a flexible framework to meet current and future sanction screening compliance requirements. With its patented proven approach and advanced filtering methodologies assists your organization in making sound and faster decisions.

In addition to enabling compliance team with mandated regulations, such as OFAC sanctions and Know Your Customer/Customer Due Diligence requirements, WatchList Reporter extends your filtering program to achieve Extended Due Diligence, Fraud Detection and compliance with foreign sanctions mandates.

WatchList Reporter™  Key Features

Operational Costs Optimization
  • Eliminate tuning of multiple match strategies
  • Reduce false positives
  • Eliminate need for whitelisting with Smart Scan
  • Improve analysis with detailed match forensics
  • Empower faster decisions

Risk Reduction
  • Achieve the right risk coverage without compromising result integrity or cycle time
  • Facilitate audit and examination reviews with confidence

WatchList Reporter™ Key Functionality
  • Provides configurable matching process for your risk tolerance.
  • Evaluates entity data with up to 13 distinct algorithms with weighted analytic contributions that encompass proprietary and industry match methodologies including fuzzy logic and Daitch-Mokotoff Soundex.
  • Supports multiple input channels (real time, batch and ad-hoc), as well as unstructured and predefined structured data formats (SWIFT, NACHA, FedWire, XML, and delimited text).
  • Supports the inclusion of user-defined lists

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