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Private WatchList Manager™ - PWM™ Application [R02]

Private Watch Lists
There are cases where Financial Institutions require managing and maintaining a Private Watch List with individuals and companies identification details that the institutions do not want to do business with.

Government Agencies Inquiries
Government investigation authorities require information for individual and companies that are investigated for financial crimes such as money laundering, tax evasion or financial fraud and the Financial Institutions would like to keep records of these inquiries.

National SDN, Watch and PEP Lists
National regulatory authorities publish SDN and Watch List on top of the international SDN list with local individual and company identification details. Also, National regulatory authorities might publish PEP Lists, based on local legislation, with local PEPs that are not included in the international PEP lists.

Financial Institutions either voluntarily of obligatory have to include all above SDN, Watch or PEP lists in their Anti-Money Laundering Names Filtering software.

In order Financial Institutions to be able to create their own Private Watch List, include government agencies inquiries identification details, competent authorities inquiries identification details, and also include National SDN, Watch and PEP Lists and other "persona non grata" or high risk individuals and legal entities in their Anti-Money Laundering Names Filtering software we have created a web based, database software solution with the title Private WatchList™.

Private WatchList™ is a web based database software system with web browser user interface and MS SQL or MS SQL Express RDBMS with which a user can:
1. Add its own records with unwanted individuals and companies identification details.
2. Add its own records with individuals and companies identification details from Government agencies inquiries.
3. Import third party Lists such as SDN, Watch, or PEP Lists in CSV format or XML format (as option).
4. Modify, delete and in general manage the database records. Support of dynamic number of fields per record.
5. Manage “Watch list” and “SDN list” categories of records.
6. Manage multiple watch list programs (lists from different sources and for different reasons).
7. Export in XML format for automated import to PCS™ OFAC Reporter sanction screening mechanism.
8. Manage users with different roles (Administrator, Compliance Manager, Compliance Officer).

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