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PCS™ SDN Lists Viewer

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SDN List Viewer™ - Sanction List Database Update Viewer

SDN List Viewer, developed by CubeIQ, is a tool applicable to Prime Compliance Suite – PCS™ AML platform.

Large Number of OFAC Cases
When a large number of PCS™ OFAC Reporter cases have been generated the end-user would like to know in which extend the loaded to OFAC Reporter database SDN Lists have been updated.
Presumably, the large number of new OFAC Reporter cases is the result of comparing existing customer base with an extensive SDN Lists update with new and updated records.

SDN List Viewer
SDN List Vieweris a web based database software system with web browser user interface and MS SQL or MS SQL Express RDBMS that connects to PCS™ OFAC Reporter SDN Lists database and displays to the end-user the new or updated Sanction Lists records.

PCS™ OFAC Reporter SDN Lists database may contain up to Seceral International SDN & Watch Lists generated from FIS and as many as National and Private Lists the end user has generated and loaded.

SDN List Viewer Operation
  • Connects to PCS™ OFAC Reporter SDN Lists database and displays the List Names of the loaded SDN Lists in OFAC Reporter database (OFAC, EU, UN …).
  • Displays to the user the options to select
    • For which of the available Lists Name in OFAC Reporter database (loaded lists) would like to see the new and updated records
    • For which Range of Dates (from – to) would like to see the new and updated records
  • Following user selection, the application will display the search results in a web browser page where on the left side of the page the search option are displayed and on the right side of the page the search results are displayed in a tabular format, one tab per selected List Name.
  • In each Tab the user can see the new or updated records per List Name.
  • Search results are presented in date descending order iso the user to see on top of the Tab the latest updates.
  • The user selects a List Name Tab, then the new and updated records in the specific Tab are displayed and then the user by selecting a record (click on the record – SDN Name) a popup window opens in which all record details are presented such as Notes, AKAs, Date of Birth, Relaed Entities and in general all information contained in the specific record.
  • Search results, either the records included in a Tab or an individual record details can be exported to PDF files.

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