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AML Compliance Manager™

AML Compliance Manager™ from FIS™ empowers your organization with an advanced toolset that drives faster, automated decision-making while eliminating manually intensive tasks that contribute to escalating operational costs. This modern, cloud-based platform provides easily tailored decision workflows, dynamic customer risk monitoring and advanced suspicious activity detection. Its intuitive case manager provides a unified view of customers, alerts and cases across the customer life cycle.

AML Compliance Manager™ is modern, cloud-based application service with:
  • Intelligent suspicious activity detection
  • Adaptive behavioral profiling
  • Dynamic customer risk monitoring
  • Automated decision workflows
  • Intuitive alert and case management
  • Unified view of customer information
  • Efficient government reporting
  • Expert consulting services

Key Features

AML Compliance Manager™ is designed to meet the challenges inherent in legacy financial crimes solutions while adapting quickly to emerging and future regulatory needs.

Primary functions include:
  • Advanced profiling: Improve detection accuracy with adaptive behavioral profiles that extend beyond the customer level. Profiles are updated with each transaction and learn over time to achieve more accurate analysis.
  • Detection scenarios: Create and apply derived variables that provide the historical context necessary to intelligently interpret various dimensions of behavior and take a risk-based approach to identifying suspicious activity.
  • Workflows: Accelerate decision-making while maintaining consistent application of policies, operational mandates and internal approval standards. Tailor approval and task workflows while providing a single view of the customer across alerts, cases and regulatory filings, all governed by comprehensive user permissions.
  • Approval processes: Easily configure single or multi-step approvals for various alert and case types as well as government report preparation. Accelerate approvals by defining which steps can occur sequentially or in parallel.
  • Efficient operations: Enhance investigative collaboration by allowing analysts to add tags, notations and documents at the customer, alert and case levels. Information access is managed by permissions that facilitate sharing while supporting compliance with evolving privacy regulations.
  • Dynamic risk rating: With AML Compliance Manager™ you can monitor customer risk across multiple dimensions of behavior, with sophisticated workflow tools to suit the broadest range of account, transaction and customer types. A risk-based approach is achieved by applying dynamic customer risk ratings while monitoring for changes in attributes, behaviors, beneficial ownership status and other factors requiring Enhanced Due Diligence. With real-time customer risk profiling, you can deliver a positive experience to new customers during the onboarding process and dynamically adjust risk ratings, as necessary, in support of global KYC regulations.

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