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General Data Protection Regulation Document Management System - GDPR DMS™

General Data Protection Regulation Document Management System - GDPR DMS™ it is a document management system designed and developed to helps organization to comply with GDPR.
GDPR is a European regulation (European Law) establishing private data protection for European citizens. GDPR strengthen personal data protection for citizens and non-citizens within EU area and sets strict requirements on how personal data is processed, stored and shared in the various IT systems such as ERP, CRM, or OPS and other. GDPR it is applicable to all European companies and to non-European companies doing business inside or outside Europe with European citizens.

How CubeIQ GDPR DMS™ Helps You Comply With GDPR

Managing GDPR Policies and Procedures Documentation
GDPR Implementation and continue compliance requires creating, filling and maintaining a number of documents for policies and procedures. It also requires various policy documents to be accessed by organization’s employees either just after creation and publication or per case at hoc.

GDPR DMS™ as a document management solution helps you bring your content under control and establish the processes needed to achieve and maintain GDPR compliance.

With CubeIQ GDPR DMS™ an organization can:
1. Manage GDPR policies and procedures documentation.
2. Workflow for review, approval, storage & distribution of GDPR documents.
3. GDPR documents version history with changes and annotations.
4. GDPR documents secure access control.

Managing Documents Containing Personal Data

Any email, digital file, paper, note or a document containing personal identification information is a personal data document. That means, it must be stored, managed, protected and controlled in accordance with GDPR.
GDPR DMS™ supports digitalizing and capturing data from various sources and organizing them in a centralized location for safe storage and quick retrieval. Users can easily find and access all personal data contained in the documents repository.

Documents (customers) profiling is an essential function of GDPR.
GDPR DMS™ Document Profiling function helps to classify, categorize and describe documents correctly, according to regulation’s requirements and therefore maintain GDPR compliance.
With GDPR DMS™ organizations are able to find, access, correct, export, protect and delete personal data, as well as maintain a record of these processing activities.

Once a document is captured, indexed and stored, GDPR DMS™ supports various functions to ensure the information is properly handled and therefore maintain GDPR compliance.

GDPR DMS™ functions:
1. Access personal data by performing detailed searches based on profile values.
2. Export personal data in the form of report.
3. Applying rules for retention and deleting (to ensure that personal data are not kept longer than necessary).
4. Providing audit trail to keep records who had access to personal data and to prove that only authorized employees had access to them.
5. Applying user and group-based access control along with several system-level rights for providing share and control access to documents.
6. Documents with sensitive personal data can be kept locked and secure.
7. Setting Email Notification and Alerts with active reporting when critical or sensitive personal data are accessed or processed. Email Notification
can be extended to the related data subject (customers) themselves.
8. Defining rules where a PDF Correction – Reduction Tool can be applied to exclude personal data before sharing a document copy.

Operating Environment.
GDPR DMS™ Server is installed on Microsoft™ Windows Server 2019/2016/2014/2012/2008 platforms with Microsoft™ IIS version 7.5 and newer and as database uses Microsoft™ SQL Server 2016/2014/2012/2008R2 and Microsoft™ SQL Express for application with less than 10GB od data.
GDPR DMS™ is a full Web based application. CubeIQ GDPR DMS™ Client operates on any Web browser on Microsoft™ Windows 11/10/8/7/XP such as Microsoft™ Internet Explorer, Microsoft™ Edge, Chrome™, Mozilla Firefox™ and any browser device, including iPad, iPhone, or Android devices can be used.

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