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Endpoints Security: Endpoint Manager Platform - PEM™

End Point GDPR Compliance

GDPR Data Security and Breach Notification Requirements
GDPR imposes strict obligations concerning data security and breach notification. In the event of a data breach, the GDPR mandates that the victim organization:
  • Reports precisely to the regulator and the customers/suppliers that their data was breached what happened, when, how, etc.
  • Provides a complete and accurate damage assessment (especially concerning the leakage of personally identifiable information).
  • Takes swift responsive action to limit damage.
  • Completes all of the above within 72 hours.

With Promisec™ Endpoint Manager Platform - PEM™ platform we improve your GDPR compliance with a solution that provides clientless endpoint management, visibility and control. Promisec™ Endpoint Manager addresses GDPR requirements and has the ability to detect, monitor and remediate policy violations.

Using Promisec™ Endpoint Manager to Achieve GDPR Compliance
Using patented agentless technology that delivers 100% accuracy through unprecedented visibility, Promisec™ Endpoint Manager proactively analyzes and fixes IT endpoint issues, guaranteeing greater GDPR compliance by relevant departments.
The core capabilities of our precise, remote and clientless remediation patent tools include:
  • Exposure of unauthorized applications (‘Black List’).
  • Management of anti-virus agents, personal firewall & HIPS and all third-party agents.
  • Implementation status of patch and service packs.
  • Identification of unauthorized devices and connections.
  • Activation of internal network file sharing.
  • Detection of unmanaged and virtual machines.
  • Continuous, automatic gathering of evidence from endpoint activities.
  • Automated incorporation of threat intelligence information from the growing international Promisec community.
  • Provision of clean, always-available evidence for forensics and present-and-future investigations.
  • Accurate determination and reporting of full damage and asset assessment.
  • Rapid return to normal operations after any incident.

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